Cidox Tablets & Pouches

Unbeatable, Easy to Use Chlorine Dioxide for Disinfection on Demand

Cidox Tablets & Pouches - Powerful ClOin an easy to use package. No messy liquid mixing, no hassle.

Cidox™ Chlorine Dioxide tablets allow for accurate and cost effective disinfection, without the creation of hazardous organic compounds such as Trihalomethanes.

Make up disinfectant on demand with Cidox™, for less wastage and a reduction in your costs. Only Cidox™ delivers the power of Chlorine Dioxide in such an easy to use form. Available in sizes to suit all types of disinfection. 

A multi-purpose disinfectant, Cidox™ is proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including bacteria, fungi and spores. It also works in challenging conditons such as high pH environments. 

Cidox™ in action

  • Agriculture: Disinfectant, equipment sterlisation
  • Disaster response: Eliminating mould and mildew from floods and damaged areas 
  • Food processing: Surface and utensil sterlilsation, washing fruit, vegetables and utensils
  • Disinfection: Drinking water tank cleaning
  • Infection control: Bacterial or viral outbreaks such as MRSA or Norwalk (Winter vomiting virus)
  • Laboratory: Equipment sterilisation
  • Health spas: Sterilisation of equipment and service areas

Cidox™ has been proven to pass exacting European Test Standards EN1276 and EN13697, ensuring: 

  • 99.999% kill of test bacteria in suspension
  • 99.99% kill of test bacteria on surfaces
  • 99.9% kill of test fungi on surfaces

Cidox™ 300 : Supplied in a convenient tube of 20 tablets, add one tablet to 25 litres of water for use as a general area disinfectant.  For sterlisation use, add one tablet to 5 litres of water, for high level sterilisation of instruments and utensils in laboratories and food processing environments.  Add one tablet to 1 litre to make a strong disinfecting solution, suitable for spot and high level disinfection applications.

Cidox™ 2000 :  Cidox™ 2000 tablets are an ideal solution for the disinfection of spas and baths, and are also used for batch food processing applications, for the washing of herbs, vegetables and fish prior to further processing.

Cidox™ 10000 : Bulk Cidox™ 10000 tablets are intended for use by water treatment professionals and are supplied for the disinfection of large quantities of water, and specialist tank disinfection and agricultural applications.

Cidox™ - Key Benefits

More Effective
More Effective

Fast acting disinfection, 2.6 times more powerful than chlorine

Easier to Handle
Easier to Handle

No mixing of powders or liquids & no need to store different chemicals on site

Lower Costs
Lower Costs

Less wastage, minimal transportation costs and no-up front investment in dosing equipment

Reduced Environmental Hazards
Reduced Environmental Hazards

No chlorinated organic compounds produced, such as THM's and HAA's


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