Purified Water for Unbeatable Performance

9839 Pp22 See Us On Stand X Banner Aw With Stand NumberWater is one of the most critical, yet most overlooked aspects of agricultural biosecurity.

With strong roots in the agriculture sector, our Directors have spent over 50 years' working to maximise productivity whilst maintaining the highest welfare and biosecurity standards in agriculture around the world. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together chemistry and microbiological expertise with our deep understanding of stocksmanship and modern agricultural practices.

Whether in horticulture, agriculture or aquaculture, our founding principles of using the best possible biosecurity practice to improve welfare, reduce mortality and ultimately improve stock performance has led us to become trusted partners for major agribusinesses, pedigree breeders and farmers alike.

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Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal water disinfection and purification product across a vast array of industries and applications.


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Chlorine Dioxide for Agriculture