Cost effective water sanitation to reduce labour intensive veterinary treatments

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ClO2 can degrade to harmless salt in <5 minutes in seawater conditions, making it an ideal alternative to ozone

Scotmas helps intensive aquaculture to carefully manage the risk of microbial infection that can devastate crop values

Whether it is salmon farming in a Scottish sea loch or shrimp growing in South America or Asia, aquaculture operators around the world must strike a delicate balance between crop protection, food safety and environmental stewardship.

With regulators and major buyers now moving away from the practice of prophylactic veterinary antibiotic treatments for obvious human health reasons, operators are faced with the challenge of maintaining the biosecurity standards required for intensive production, with significantly more environmental scrutiny than ever before.

Scotmas have worked with major aquaculture operators around the world to develop water treatment programs. Our holistic approach considers factors such as waste water discharges from nearby processing plants; transport from hatcheries and rearing facilities, through to disease response in growing cages and ponds.

Our approach is that some of the most difficult fungal diseases in aquaculture are actually secondary infections caused by deeper underlying problems with water quality. Our biosecurity experts are well placed to work with your vets and rearing staff to develop an approach that is tailored to the unique needs of your location.

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Bravo WX
Bravo WX

Treatment of hatchery and smolt rearing water tanks with extensive data logging

Cidox Tablets
Cidox Tablets

An ideal alternative to dangerous peroxide or PAA treatments


Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal water disinfection and purification product across a vast array of industries and applications.


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