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Combat water borne disease with the safety and power of ClO2

Quick Fact

The WHO estimate that 842,000 diarrhoeal disease deaths are caused per year as a result of inadequate water sanitation

Fast moving disaster relief situations mean you need a water treatment that you can rely on. Proven to be several times more effective than chlorine, our ClO2 products are the answer

Whilst measures such as water boiling and chlorination with bleach provide a good “first response”, there are often cases where something more is required to provide adequate control of biological pathogens, whilst ensuring the water is palatable and available in high volumes.

Scotmas products and engineered solutions are applied by military, NGO and charitable organisations to deliver high quality water where it is needed most.

The limitations of chlorine based water treatments are well understood and documented. Relatively high dose rates are required, and it is unable to inactivate some viruses and complex pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia. ClO2 from Scotmas can be applied as a better alternative in a number of forms:

  1. A simple and easy to use tablet, suitable for water volumes between 1 and 25 litres
  2. Simple liquid dosing of water bowsers and tanks
  3. Pre-engineered treatment skids and containerised plant that combine state of the art filtration technology with the biocidal power of ClO2, and can be rapidly deployed to camps and transit facilities to respond to medium term water treatment requirements

No matter the scale of the situation, Scotmas have the products, experience and technical capability to deliver a water treatment solution that is scalable and cost effective for your requirements.

Disaster Relief - Key Products


Simple, continuous treatment of water storage bowsers and holding tanks

Cidox Tablets
Cidox Tablets

Water treatment tablets designed to treat between 1 and 25 litres of coarse filtered water



Engineered Solutions
Engineered Solutions

A wide range of pre-engineered equipment skids and containerised solutions to provide a “plug in” solution for challenging environments

Globally Experienced Support Staff
Globally Experienced Support Staff

Experienced on-site support in challenging environments such as Iraq, India and throughout Africa


Chlorine Dioxide in Municipal Drinking Systems

Chlorine Dioxide is an extremely safe and cost effective alternative to Chlorine. Scotmas are leading the way in implementing Chlorine Dioxide for a number of municipal water disinfection projects around the world.



Scotmas Generators

The Scotmas range of Chlorine Dioxide generators has been designed from the ground up to deliver ClO2 for drinking water and disinfection applications with unparalleled efficiency and purity standards.



Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal water disinfection and purification product across a vast array of industries and applications.


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