Drinking & Service Water

Maintain staff productivity by ensuring top quality water hygiene

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Ineffective water treatment has led to down manning of entire platforms in the case of Legionella bacteria being found in the water system 

Waterborne illness can severely affect productivity on offshore platforms and camps, and can lead to down manning of entire facilities. Protect yourself with ClO2

Whether it is an offshore platform or remote camp, the challenges associated with maintaining effective water hygiene in cramped and intensive working environments cannot be overlooked.

Taste, odour, legionella and general water hygiene are just some of the problems faced by those charged with providing accommodation services in the sector. The use of tankered water supplies and/or water makers make these challenges even more intensive, particularly when dealing with ageing infrastructure or temporary onshore camp accommodation.

Drawing on our extensive experience, not only in the oil & gas sector, but also in precision environments such as healthcare, Scotmas are able to offer robust, yet precise solutions to water treatment in these extreme environments. Using the same technology that keeps patients safe in hospitals around the world, Scotmas deliver a precision dose of ClO2 biocide to all bunkered water through hydrophore or tanker based systems, taking careful measurement of and pre-treatment that may have been carried out on the water prior to bunkering.

Our exacting approach means that staff can be assured of top quality water throughout their trip, and operators can rest assured that the risk of disruption and sickness due to bacterial infection has been minimised.

Drinking & Service Water - Key Products

Engineering Service
Engineering Service

Our experienced staff have delivered ClO2 treatment systems to offshore oil platforms since the 1990's

Bravo WX
Bravo WX

Our experienced staff can integrate the system to your Hydrophore in order to deliver the correct amount of biocide, regardless of the water source


Project Engineering Specialists for CIO2

Scotmas offer a range of chlorine dioxide generators in containerised solutions to help support your water purification or water disinfection project. Choosing a containerised system means that the Chlorine Dioxide Generator can be built and fully tested to the highest of standards in our factory prior to delivery on-site. On delivery, a containerised ClO2 system is installed for minimum downtime and on-site disruption.



Process Efficiency in Large Industrial Cooling Systems

Cooling tower operators are faced with increasing requirements to ensure safety from bacterial infections such as Legionella, whilst also reducing operating costs. Chlorine Dioxide solutions from Scotmas offer operators a unique opportunity to achieve cost savings while protecting the environment.



Scotmas Generators

The Scotmas range of Chlorine Dioxide generators has been designed from the ground up to deliver ClO2 for drinking water and disinfection applications with unparalleled efficiency and purity standards.



Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal water disinfection and purification product across a vast array of industries and applications.