ChloroSan Tablets

NaDCC only, or NaDCC combined with a chlorine compatible detergent.  Supplied as tablets or granules.


General Disinfectant Solutions (1 tablet per litre of water) |  Effective against bacteria, spores, yeasts, moulds and viruses.

Chlorosan has been tested to: EN13727 and EN13697 (bactericidal), EN 13724 and 13687 (yeast and fungi), EN14476 (virucidal) and EN 14348 (mycobactericidal).

Strong Disinfecting Solutions (1 tablet per 100ml of water) | Additionally tested to EN17126 (sporicidal).

ChloroSan | Chlorine disinfectant tablets.  Available as chlorine only or combined with a compatible detergent

ChloroSan Granules | Absorbent chlorine granules for direct application to wet blood spills

ChloroSan is an effective, broad spectrum disinfectant/sanitiser available as an NaDCC tablet, an NaDCC tablet including a chlorine compatible detergent, and as chlorine granules for direct application to wet blood spills.

ChloroSan tablets are added to water to provide a biocidal solution suitable for disinfection and cleaning in healthcare and other demanding environments where disinfection requires to be an integral part of the everyday hygiene regime.

Dilution Bottle

One Chlorosan tablet is added per litre of water to create a general purpose disinfecting solution suitable for mopping of hard surface floors and wipe down of work surfaces etc.

For challenging clean-ups, add one tablet to 100ml of water to create a strong disinfecting solution. (Check user instructions for full details.)

Chlorosan granules can be applied directly to a wet blood spill.

Our reusable dilution bottle can be provided for safe and reliable dilution and dispensing of ChloroSan solutions, ensuring user safety, compliance with protocols, and avoidance of unnecessary waste. 

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Product Use - ChloroSan TabletsDilutionContact Time
General Area Disinfection 1,000ppm 5 minutes
Spocidical (C.difficule) Disinfection 1,000ppm 10 minutes
Blood Spill Disinfection (wet and dry) 10,000ppm 3 minutes


Cat NoDescriptionTablet Weight (g)Pack Quantity / Size
IC103T-0.5 ChloroSan 0.5g 1.1 600 tablets
IC103T-1.7 ChloroSan 1.7g 3.22 200 tablets
IC104T-1.7 ChloroSan 1.7g with detergent (3.22g tablet) 3.22 150 tablets
IC103T-2.5 ChloroSan 2.5g (4.7g tablet) 4.7 100 tablets 
IC103T-G ChloroSan Granules 50% NaDcc 500g dispenser 
IC103-DB ChloroSan Diluton bottle 1 litre NA  NA

ChloroSan User Support

ChloroSan is not a difficult product to use, however it is essential that instructions are followed so that the solution is made to the correct strength for the application and users are not exposed to risk.

We are pleased to provide resources for user training and ongoing support.

    • Short, animated product video for training ancillary and facilities management staff.
    • Information posters for display adjacent to ChloroSan tablets or in other suitable locations.
    • Ready reference pocket cards for cleaners.
General Area Cleaning and DisinfectionCleaning Blood Spills
Chlorosan Poster General Disinfection Chlorosan Poster Blood Spills


Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets with Detergent

Short video explaining how to use ChloroSan tablets, appropriate dilution rates according to the application, and necessary safety guidelines.


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ChloroSan User Instruction Posters

Simple, step by step guides for cleaners and other facility management personnel.